blinds for angled windows

Trends, especially the ones regarding home designs are ever-changing. This applies from the design of the house itself to the shape and size of the windows. Nowadays, not only the traditional square windows can be seen in homes all around the world, but you can also see various unusually shaped windows, such as angled ones. This makes choosing blinds for angled windows a bit difficult. 

But fret not, as we have prepared a shortlist of blinds that suit angled windows very well. You can install vertical blinds, which despite being quite common, can be customized according to your needs. You can also use mini blinds made of aluminum and faux wood. These blinds are also easily customizable due to their size. 

Let’s take a deeper look at various angled window blinds. 

What is the best blind for angled windows?

blinds for angled windows

Over the years, we have been accustomed to seeing regular-shaped windows in our homes, such as rectangular or square-shaped ones. But nowadays, windows of various other shapes are becoming in vogue, such as arch-shaped windows and angled windows. Because of their unusual shapes, buying and installing window treatments such as triangle-shaped window blinds in these wonders is a bit of a hassle. 

Our experts at Empire Window Treatment have prepared a list of the best angled window blinds so that you won’t have to search aimlessly for them. There are a few options for you to choose from, although you won’t exactly be spoilt for choices in this case. These are: 

1. Vertical blinds for triangular windows

Vertical blinds are one of the most common types of blinds in the world. These blinds can be seen installed in all types of windows, including angled ones, like triangle windows. Vertical blinds are very useful when you want to control light and heat. This makes them the best blind for angled windows, since these windows are usually at the top, which allows them to let in a lot of light. 

These blinds for angled top windows are also perfect since they are easier to clean and maintain. Since angled windows are near the ceiling, cleaning their window coverings can be quite a hassle if you have to spend a long time doing so. They are also very affordable as well as attractive, not only enhancing your home’s curb appeal but also saving money. 

The biggest upside of vertical blinds is that they are very much customizable. This allows a homeowner to install custom blinds for angled windows according to their shape and dimensions. This saves you from the major headaches of finding the correct readymade angled window blind. 

2. Mini blinds for triangular windows

mini blinds

Mini blinds have much narrower slats than other blinds, which makes them perfect blinds for triangle windows. Their size allows you to customize and fit them perfectly into your triangle windows. Mini blinds made of both aluminum and faux wood are very durable too, which is a big upside, as you don’t have to worry about replacing them every now and then. 

Aside from getting exposed to the most light of all the windows in the house, the height of angled windows means that they are also exposed to a lot of moisture and heat. But as they are made of materials such as faux wood and aluminum, they are both heat and water-resistant. This makes them perfect blinds for a triangle window.

Another thing mini blinds have going for them is their appearance. These blinds for triangle windows have a crisp look. That only adds to the aesthetics of your house, which has been already enhanced by stylish angled windows. 

Other window treatment options for angled windows

Blinds are not the only window treatment ideas you can implement on your angled windows. You can also install other window coverings on these windows, such as angled roller shades. These shades are a great alternative to angled blinds. Not only are they cheap, but they are also quite versatile as well, allowing you to customize them according to your needs.

These shades also have a timeless look to them, as they have been used for a long time in homes around the world. They are also quite easy to maintain, which, as we have already established, is a great advantage for any angled window covering. 

Roller shades are great at blocking out both light and heat, which makes your home very energy efficient. So, not only are they cheap up front, but they also end up saving a lot of money down the line. Also, these shades can be motorized, which is a great blessing, since you would have had difficulties operating them otherwise. 

Final Words

The best blind for angled windows will be the one that will cater to your needs the most. Also, it is not always necessary that you should install blinds in your angled windows. Take a look at all the window coverings mentioned above, including shades, and make your decision. 


1. How do you put blinds on an angled window?

When you install blinds on an angled window, you must have side mount brackets. These brackets have to be attached to the frame of the windows to mount the blinds on them. 

2. How do you cover irregularly shaped windows?

Although they are irregularly shaped, that doesn’t mean there aren’t window coverings for them. For arched windows, shutters work best, while for angled windows, blinds are a very good choice.

3. Can you put blinds on curved windows?

Yes, you can put blinds on curved or arched windows. For these windows, you can install customized arched window blinds, which will not only complement their design but will also add a lot of functionality as well. 

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