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Address : Serving the New York Metropolitan Area

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Blackout Drapes in New York

Our selections are so wide we’re the blackout curtains company customers come back to again and again. Once you’ve browsed through the choices available, seen the top brands we carry and looked over our swatches, you’ll see why when it comes to custom curtains in Manhattan and New York, Alluring Window is the top choice.

Blackout Curtains are typically made from heavy fabric such as damask or velvet, since those materials are naturally heavy enough to have a light-blocking quality. Then we sew a blackout lining into it to guarantee maximum blocking and to make any room calm, soothing. The skilled seamstresses at Alluring Window know just how to pair linings with lighter materials to give your decor the look you want, while still creating blackout drapes that will truly blackout a room. It opens up your options and makes blending blackout drapes in with your established decorating scheme an easy task.

Blackout drapes are smooth and long-lasting curtains. These curtains are effective in blocking sun rays from entering the room, reducing noise due to the dense materials used in the production of these curtains. They come in different designs, and colors, it helps in giving better sleep, protecting furniture, rugs, and interior decoration from ultraviolet rays that causes fading.
They come in different drapery styles, depending on the type of design the curtain rod goes through. Draperies with rings are more comfortable, it's makes opening and closing the curtain easier. They are sown with wider sides and longer lengths for an effective blackout.
The fabrics are made of U-shapped overlapping sides both in front and at the back. It has some insulation features that balance the room temperature. For effective use of these curtains, they should be spread across the window.
These curtains are a good source of saving energy. They help to retain heat during cold weather and withhold heat during hot climates reducing external cost. They also absorb noise and insulates cold.
They are made of double-lined tightly woven fabric, and triple weave fabric to block out rays of light completely. These curtains are heavier because of the fabrics they are made of and it is essential to use a suitable drapery to handle the weight of the curtain.
Blackout curtains last longer due to the material they are made of. Mostly, types that are free from coating chemicals are more durable and functional as they are responsible for blocking out rays of light. They have a better lifespan compare to other curtains. It is important to have knowledge on how it is used and the best spot to fix it in other to enhance long-term use.


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