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Wood Blinds

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Wood Blinds in New York

Blinds are chosen for a more traditional look paired with a simple transition from sunshine and light to complete privacy and room darkening. One of the key advantages is that they block UV light to keep things cool and protect your furniture from the sun. They also offer additional insulation. Our designers can come to you for an in-home consultation complete with samples of color choices so that together, you can customize your design.


Wood blinds are a highly underrated option when people are considering window dressing. They don't know what they are missing. It is an evergreen, classy, sleek, and sturdy window covering. It sure never goes out of style. Experts in interior decoration will tell you just how exceptional it is.
The wood blinds are easily arranged in such a way that depends heavily on your preference for privacy and natural light. The spacing between the slats should be taken into consideration when you are opting for a suitable wood blind. You can opt for different types of finishes and shades of varnish, matte paint, wax, or gloss paint. If you are hoping for more aesthetic appeal, you can choose one based on the type of mood you want to set.
The blinds comprise a well-arranged series of smooth-edged wood slats that are linked together by a cord pulley system. When you pull one side of the cord, the blind is raised to the top of the window thus showing a full view of the outside.
It is highly effective to protect against heat in the summer while also retaining heat during winter. Under intense sunlight, it reduces glare and thus, acts as a sort of heat regulator. Thus, saving cost expended on energy control within the house.
The major material which the blinds are made of is wood. The wood are crafted into slats of about 25mm to 65mm. The major deciding factors for the materials is the window size and the wooden slats. Wide slats can be considers for wide windows and smaller slats for small windows. The wood can either be made or real or faux material. The faux material may be made of PVC or ceramic material. It all depends on your budget.
Wood blinds are made of the best quality wood and are long lasting. But they have to be preserved as well to maintain their elegance. Prevent your kids or pets from scratching against the varnish or paint. The natural wood blinds must be protected against moisture while the faux wood blind may not be affected by humidity or wetness. This makes them a cool option than real wood blinds


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