Motorized Shades, Drapes, and skylight shades connect your home with innovation. So don’t pull heavy or hard-to-reach curtains now, it will be done by an automatic mechanism. Get rid of cables or cords hanging around. Just sit and let the motorized functionality do its job.


Motorized window treatments go an energy-efficient step further, and can be set to open and close automatically to help homeowners save more energy. It is a misconception that motorised blinds and curtains are restricted to the rich and elite. They have become an affordable addition for new and old homes of all scales. When it’s sunny on a hot day, the shades or blinds can close to keep your home cooler and use less air conditioning. On a cold winter’s day, they can open to let the sun shine in and heat a space, precluding expensive heating costs.

Motorised Shades
Motorised Drapes

Say goodbye to strings and cords that will get tangled or are unreachable: motorized drapes operate with a wireless wall switch, a remote control, or digitally from a smartphone, tablet, or computer. Even the heaviest curtains can open and close with the touch of a button. Certain systems allow you to customize the speed as well as schedule the curtain position for one or several curtains at different times of the day. 

Skylights provide rooms with a brighter, more open, and airy feeling beyond what standard windows can offer. But like standard windows, harsh summer rays often stream in through skylights, overheating a space; they can also let cold air in during winter.

Motorised Daylight
Curtain Motor
Motorized Automated Blackout Blinds

Drapes are a more ornate window treatment often made custom to specific windows. Like curtains, the purpose of drapes is to block light, offer privacy, and add visual interest to a room. The visible fabric of drapes is also typically heavy and somewhat stiff, with common materials including velvet, damask, and silk. 

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