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Motorized Drapes in New York

Motorized drapes are the ultimate in style and luxury. When it comes to motorized curtains, New York window treatment experts from Alluring Window can skillfully match your design preferences with the silent and smooth function of Lutron or Somfy motors to put drapery operation at your fingertips. Just the touch of a button is all it takes to open or close your motorized drapes for efficient convenience and control.


Because there are no cords that can become entangled, motorized draperies improve safety in households with children or pets. The windows are set to close when the sun shines to preserve fabrics, rugs, furniture, and artwork from deteriorating. As a result, with the drapes in place, you may enjoy a stylish view of nature via your windows.
They are wireless and battery-powered, so no electrical installation is necessary. This simplifies installation: simply connect them and use the provided remote to get started. You can also communicate with your shade by using the voice control function. You'll be speaking with your curtains in no time.
Motors that are specified to ensure proper torque and speed. The motor can raise a weight within its limits while optimizing speed with the proper torque. The drapes are compatible with all of the gadgets. Remote control, switch, touch-activated, and integrated building automation.
Window coverings can help reduce energy loss via windows, lower heating and cooling expenditures, and increase house comfort. Windows lose approximately 30% of a home's heating energy. During the cooling season, approximately 76 percent of the sunshine that falls on conventional double-pane windows is converted to heat.
Motorized drapes, which are available in practically any fabric, texture, or design, offer an elegant decorative element to any room. Motorized operation enables you to effortlessly harness the crowd-pleasing room darkening features for a home theatre or media room.

The advancement of technology in window treatments has made your life easier, and you may manage them with a variety of smart gadgets.
To clean your motorized draperies, use the following methods:

● Lamb wool vacuuming
● Sponge made of rubber
● Please keep in mind that you should not spray or soak your draperies.


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