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Address : Serving the New York Metropolitan Area

Motorized Shades

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Motorized Shades in New York

You might think of motorized shades as a luxury, but once you’ve tried them it’s hard to live without them. They’re custom window treatments New York clients find essential for managing sunlight and privacy control. Alluring Window specializes in motorized and remote control shades


Motorized shade is programmed with good light blocking and light filtering qualities which enhances sleep pattern. The attached remote control or smartphone can be used to control the blinds. One of the most effective ways to contribute to a healthy lifestyle is to get a blind that helps regulate the daylight.
They are wireless and battery-powered, so no electrical installation is required. This makes installation a breeze: simply connect them and use the included remote. You can also connect with your shade using the available voice control function. In no time, you'll be conversing with your curtains.
These shades are motorized, there is no risk of an uneven rollup caused by clumsy pulls. As a result, they are always stylishly balanced when pulled down and discreet when rolled up. Choose to have a brighter option if you need enough light to see clearly but also want privacy from nosy neighbors
This is one of the most noticeable advantages of motorized shades. The light Rays can be easily controlled with the remote or voice control. With the use of these shades, more energy is saved at a lower cost.
Our most popular fabrics are transparent weaves. They provide varying degrees of "see-through" or "openness." Each product page displays the specifications for each type. Also, translucent fabrics are intended to allow varying degrees of light through, but objects behind the fabric, unlike transparent materials, are not discernible.

They, like everything else, become dirty and dusty and must be cleaned. Don't let poor cleaning habits or lack of knowledge harm your shades. Here are a few simple guidelines to follow when trying to clean your window shades.

● Utilize the brush attachment.
● Make use of lamb wool.
● Make use of a rubber sponge.
● REMEMBER: Never soak your blind for no reason.


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