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Dual Shades in New York

Window coverings are the perfect addition to any room in your home. They help to maintain the privacy of your home while giving you the freedom to accentuate the view outside your windows. Having control over the light entering your home also gives you an extra layer of energy efficiency through changing seasons. With our wide variety of styles, colors, textures and materials you are sure to find the perfect window coverings for your home.

Dual blinds contain striped fabric on both the front and rear. When the stripes are aligned, light enters your home through large portions of sheer. When you pull the string, the sheer areas become solid. When complete privacy is required, this delivers it. If you keep pushing on the cord, the shade will roll up into a small container and vanish.
Dual shades are a trendy window covering style that features lightweight fabric alternatives that are easy to change in height. No of the size of the shade or window, operating twin shades is quick and easy. Whatever the room's design concept, dual shades provide a plethora of options for band heights, colors, textures, and patterns.
They are mostly shades with controlling cords that can be used in opening and closing the blinds with a single pull. The slats are spaced widely enough to allow adequate air and light to enter the room.
Depending on how much sunlight enters your home, these transitional shades change from light filtering to room darkening. It is quite effective at both protecting against heat in the summer and retaining heat in the winter. It decreases glare and so functions as a heat regulator under direct sunshine.

The twin blinds, which are available in a wide range of contemporary fabrics, are sure to turn heads. Some of the color selections are as follows:

Sundown - Combines Beauty and Privacy
Solitaire is a two-in-one shade: This unique blind provides shade on one side of the room and privacy on the other.
Visionaire – Allure's Vertical Orientation.

They are sensitive to moisture because the more they are exposed to it, the less integrity they have. You should also make sure that they are out of reach of kids and pets.


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