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Address : Serving the New York Metropolitan Area

Faux Wood Window Blinds

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Faux Wood Blinds in New York

For those who want the warm look of wood at a more affordable price, faux wood blinds are a convincing choice to create classic style. They are also good for use in areas with more moisture, such as a bathroom or basement. They are bit heavier, so are not as ideal if you plan to raise or lower them regularly.

Faux Wood Blinds are made from durable materials that prevent wrapping, fading, and cracking of the blinds. They are suitable for damp areas with high humidity because of their high moisture resistance, fire resistance, and fading resistance. It acts as a natural insulator, easy to clean, and easier to maintain which makes it the perfect match for different environments.
They are made available with the look and feel of real wood. It has a wide variety of colors, stains, and wood grain textures with unique details, and simple designs. It is designed with the aim of controlling light and high durability.
These blinds last longer, and comes with a cord that can be used to tilt the slats horizontally for partial opening, or either to close the blind completely or to open the whole blind. Headrails are used to lift the blinds because of their heavyweight and it is easier to maintain. These blinds have the advantage of having remote tilt motorization or cordless blind, which makes them a safer and better choice for homes.
It provides heat and high humidity. It is suitable for active areas with a lot of tears and wear. It is a good source of energy savings as they do provide good insulation, reduce the rays of sunlight, and reducing fading of furniture and art.
Faux wood blinds are from slats wood either coated with a composite (polymer) or made with a vinyl material. They are made available in different sizes and designs, ranging from light, medium, and dark wood shades or a touch of white or grey.
These curtains are easy to clean, but need a lot of care when cleaning and also avoid harsh chemicals. They are moisture resistant, cleaning should be done to avoid the accumulation of dirt.


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