Mini blinds

Discover the perfect balance of affordability and functionality with our mini roll-up window blinds in NYC. Available in a variety of colors, these versatile automated blinds are ideal for smaller windows and offer privacy and light filtering options.

Mini Blinds in New York

Mini blinds – or aluminum blinds – are a low-cost option with full functionality. They’re easy to operate, clean, and customize – they’re also some of the lightest blinds available and fit in most windows!

Mini metal blinds are one of the most classic window treatment choices. They consist of narrow metal strips that hang in a flat sheet over your window. The great thing about mini blinds is that they’re extremely adjustable. You can raise the blinds to look outside or lower them to darken the room.

Mini Blinds
Mini Blinds New York City

Why Choose Mini Blinds?

  • Mini blinds are a super low cost options that give you all you need in window functionality.
  • Easy and intuitive light control and privacy.
  • As some of the lightest blinds on the market, aluminum mini blinds are easy to install and operate for years to come.
  • Due to their thin profile, mini blinds are ideal for windows and doors with shallow depth.
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