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Address : Serving the New York Metropolitan Area

Vertical Blinds For Windows

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Vertical Blinds in New York

Vertical blinds create a modern look and are great for sliding doors and large window banks. They are also a popular choice for commercial spaces. Our vertical blinds come in a selection of stylish fabrics for an elegant look or in a variety of PVC colors for a simpler look that is also easier to keep clean.

Vertical Blinds are stylish blinds made from anti-allergen properties. It is a light-controlling blind that provides easy ventilation for rooms, waterproofed, flame retardent including blackout features. It is applicable for very tall or very wide windows. It is available in various shades of traditional beige and vibrant purple depending on one's choice.
They are made of fabric strips hanging vertically from top to bottom and held together by a connecting chain at the bottom, also coated with blackout backings. These blinds can only be titled vertically to control the rays of light. Slat allowance for vertical blinds varies depending on the style.
These vertical blinds are easy to adjust, controlling the amount of light entering the room. When the cord is pulled it is either opened to the left, right or halfway way depending on how the cord is controlled. It can also be opened fully or closed completely with the use of a cord or wand. Wands are more preferably as it requires no cord to control the blinds.
It is an effective energy-saving and insulator blind that helps prevent heat loss in winter and maintaining room temperature during summer.
Available in different colors and styles. It can be made from varieties of fabrics such as blackout fabrics that prevent light reflection from entering the room aiding good night rest, pollergen blinds, solar control blinds, thermal energy saving blinds, flame retardant blinds protect the house against fire, and it is best used in the kitchen, and lot more. It can also be made of faux wood, vinyl including aluminum, and are ideal in homes and offices.
They are easy to use requiring low maintenance and are easy to clean. Cleaning is done by using a soft cloth steeped in luke-warm water and wipe downwards.


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