Modern technology makes life so comfortable! It can be incorporated into small everyday things, which is even better. Likewise is the case of motorized window shades which are available for setups of every size and angle. But if you have purchased one, it is lighting that you have spent a lot of money on and are worried that it will start breaking down way too soon and be an expensive liability. However, with the right kind of management techniques, this will not be the case! Here is how to take care of your window shades.

Here’s How To Protect Your Motorized Shades 

Motorized shades can operate with the help of a battery and remote control (these days even apps!). Providing adequate attention to the valuable and fragile motorized window shades New York City is crucial; here is what to do:

Regular Cleaning

Often we only clean those areas that are easily visible to us. This way we leave dirt to collect on the fittings, joints and small openings.

Motorized Window Shades New York City
Motorized Window Shades New York City

But that will not do! Take a small brush of suitable size and clean out every area of the shares weekly, especially if you are prone to keeping your windows open.

Also, call in window treatments Chelsea to deep clean the windowsill and glass panes so that your shades can stay spotless.

Check Batteries

The more you use them, the more likely their battery will run out. Ideally, try to replace the batteries with at least 15% of working energy being left.

Keep a stash in your home for your motorized skylight shades New York City – and even a step ladder to help get to the top more easily. Keep the remote in a safe area and all so ensure it has enough power to be running commands successfully.

Lubricate Tracks

Frequent lubrication is a must in the summer months. It helps to prevent the machinery from overheating. Likewise, it also ensures smooth operation in high temperatures.

The most important thing about this is to place the lubricant chemical at the right spots, which are usually the tracks. You can select the most suitable chemical by comparing products in the market with the build and productivity of your shades.

Inspect Motors

This process is indeed a piece of cake. It will take you no more than 15 minutes!

To start off, we unplug the power and  perform a visual inspection (here we are checking for visible damage or wear across the motor and wiring). Next, we examine the set up for loose connections.

We can later follow this up with lubrication, after first making sure to clean up the area and remove residual gunk from the past sessions.

Last Words

Self-management is always the first step. However, we must not have it to call in professional health whenever there is a slight chance of any complicated damage. As a new user, you should not shy away from making the most of your warranty and insurance! To keep your motorized Shades healthy, you must give the same attention to the windows themselves, meaning that regular window treatment Chelsea is a must facility to use.

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