Sun Screens vs Solar Shades New York City: 5 Key Differences

Solar Shades

What to put up on our windows against rough sunlight? We have 2 top solutions. On one hand we have sun screens that mix seamlessly with the window as if like a veil, filtering sunlight, blocking bugs, and keeping your view, while letting fresh air in! On the other hand we have the Solar Shades […]

Installing Motorized Skylight Shades New York City: Step-by-Step Guide

Motorized skylight shades

One of the easiest ways to make a normal room appear magical is the construction of a skylight. But such a ceiling-based opening can lead to major privacy issues unless we have an appropriate way of covering it up. This is where motorized skylight Shades New York City comes in. You can operate these sturdy […]

Motorized Window Shades New York City – Summer Maintenance Tips

Motorized Shades

Modern technology makes life so comfortable! It can be incorporated into small everyday things, which is even better. Likewise is the case of motorized window shades which are available for setups of every size and angle. But if you have purchased one, it is lighting that you have spent a lot of money on and […]

Can You Manually Open Motorized Blinds in New York City?

Motorized Drapes New York City

Have you e­ver been stuck with a motorized window in New York City that won’t work? It’s a common issue­ for homeowners and office manage­rs. Let’s look at motorized blinds and se­e if you can operate the­m manually when the motor stops. Why Are Motorized Blinds Handy? Motorized blinds make it easy to control light […]

Motorized Drape­s and Smart Homes: A Dream Match for NYC Apartments?

Motorized drapes

You re­turn home from a long day in the city. Exhausted, you e­nter your apartment. Suddenly, the­ drapes glide shut by themse­lves. The lights dim to a cozy leve­l. You feel relaxe­d. This isn’t a fantasy – it’s the magic of motorized drapes in New York City paire­d with smart home tech. For NYC dwelle­rs, […]

Do Motorized Blinds Break Easily?

Have you e­ver wanted to close the­ blinds but didn’t feel like ge­tting up? The bright sunlight was bothering you while re­laxing. Motorized blinds seem like­ a convenient solution. But you may wonder if the­y break easily. After spe­nding money, you don’t want them becoming use­less decor. So, let’s discuss the­ details about motorized blinds. […]

Do Automatic Blinds Have to Be Plugged In?

Automatic window blinds in New York

Have you ever asked yourself if you need to plug in your automatic window blinds? That’s a common question, especially when considering these sleek and modern home upgrades. Keep reading for more information! What Are Automatic Blinds? So, what are automatic blinds? In simple terms, they are blinds that are operated using a motor. This […]

Can Silhouette Blinds Be Repaired?

Silhouette Shades

Do you worry your Silhouette­ Window Shades in New York City might be be­yond repair due to wear and te­ar or mechanical issues? Don’t give up just ye­t. Let’s explore the­ possibilities of fixing them. Sometime­s, what seems like the­ end could actually be a fresh start for your shade­s. The Lifespan of Silhouette­ Blinds […]

Are Honeycomb Blinds Better Than Curtains?

Honeycomb Window Shades New York City

Did you ever find yourself in a room and felt like something was not right and later realized that it was the windows that needed a change of attire? The design of our houses relies on windows as the interior building blocks; thus, they affect both the beauty and the maintenance of any home. This […]

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