Have you ever asked yourself if you need to plug in your automatic window blinds? That’s a common question, especially when considering these sleek and modern home upgrades. Keep reading for more information!

automatic window blinds in New York City

What Are Automatic Blinds?

So, what are automatic blinds? In simple terms, they are blinds that are operated using a motor. This means that you can control them using a remote control, a smartphone app or even voice commands. They offer convenience and give your space a modern touch.

But here is the million dollar question – do these blinds require constant power or can they work independently?

Power Options: Plugged In vs. Battery Operated

When it comes to power supply, automatic blinds can be broadly categorized into two: those that need to be plugged in and those that run on batteries.

  1. Blinds that are plugged in: These require access to an electrical outlet nearby. This ensures that they perform consistently without necessarily changing batteries frequently. You won’t have to worry about them stopping midway through an operation due to low battery.
  2. Battery operated blinds: These can be installed anywhere as they don’t require access to an electrical outlet. They provide flexibility during installation. However, you will need to keep replacing or recharging their batteries from time to time depending on usage.

Making A Choice Between The Two

When deciding on whether to buy plugged in or battery operated automatic blinds, you should consider your personal needs as well as the set up in your home. Let’s look at this in detail:

  1. Don’t think twice about it: if you want something that’s easy and does all the work for you, get automatic blinds that can be plugged in; they never need batteries!
  2. When Does Flexibility Matter? When Should Battery Operated Blinds Be Considered?
  3. How Do You Want Your Room To Look? Remember the last time you saw cords hanging down from a window? It wasn’t a good look. Think about this before buying new shades – what will work best for me?
  4. Where Will The Shades Spend Most Of Their Time? For areas in your home that see a lot of action all day long  every single day like living rooms and kitchens go with hardwired natural window shades New York City else use battery operated ones!

Setting Up & Keeping

Putting up automatic blinds is typically a simple job, though exact steps may differ based on where they get their power from.

  1. Plugged-In: Before anything else, just make sure there’s an outlet nearby! If you want to conceal the wires then maybe think about bringing in an electrician.
  2. Battery: Normally these involve little more than putting them in place; also be prepared for occasional recharging or replacement of batteries.

Maintenance comes into play as well. Wired units tend to need less attention over time compared to wireless ones, which more often than not will require periodic battery checks.

Final Words

So, are automatic window blinds in New York City plugged in … or not? It’s up to you. Whether you opt for a battery-operated system or something more traditional depends on where your windows are located and what kind of control best suits your space. Every window can be covered!

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