As time has changed, so have the trends regarding home decoration. Gone are the days when people would only have standard windows in standard places, as now you can see windows of all kinds in houses worldwide.

Blinds for trapezoid windows

Among all of them, trapezoid windows are one of the most unique. It is because of their uniqueness, that people find it difficult to find the best window coverings for them. 

Getting blinds for trapezoid windows is the best thing you can do to cover them. You can either choose motorized blinds for your windows, or you can choose to have manual ones. You can also go for vertical blinds as your trapezoid window coverings.

Finally, horizontal blinds will also do a great job as your trapezoid window treatment. 

Let’s take a detailed look at all the blinds you can choose for your trapezoid windows. 

What are the best trapezoid window blinds you can choose from?

Getting the correct window treatment is essential to maintaining and enhancing the aesthetics and curb appeal of your home. This job is easier if you have regularly shaped windows. But getting window coverings such as blinds for weird-shaped windows like trapezoid windows can be a bit of a headache. 

Thankfully, we, at Empire Window Treatment provide all sorts of blinds for trapezoid-shaped windows. You can choose to buy a regular-shaped blind and customize it yourself, or you can buy a customized blind from us that is designed explicitly for trapezoid windows. 

Here are a few trapezoid blinds we have at our disposal which you can choose from. 

1. Based on the operation

Based on how you operate the blinds, there are a couple of them you can choose from. These are: 

A. Motorized blinds

motorized blind in trapezoid window

Getting motorized blinds for trapezoid windows is one of the best decisions you can take. Since trapezoid windows are almost always near the roof of the building, getting manual blinds can be a bit of a hassle. This is because it will be extremely difficult to regularly close and open those blinds. 

Once you get motorized window blinds for your trapezoid windows, you don’t have to worry about going towards the window every day to operate the blinds. Also, since these don’t have any cords, they are very safe for your pets.

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B. Manual Blinds

manual blinds in Trapezoid Window

Despite all of its advantages, motorized blinds tend to cost more at first. So, if you are a bit short on budget, you can install manual blinds for your trapezoid windows.

Yes, they won’t give you the ease of operation like motorized ones, but they still can be of good value, especially if you buy custom blinds for trapezoid windows. These blinds are cheaper than their motorized counterparts and can be more easily customized. 

2. Based on the type 

Depending on what type of blinds you want to install in your trapezoid windows, here are a couple of choices for you. 

A. Vertical blinds

Vertical blinds in  Trapezoid Window

If you have large and wide trapezoid windows, then vertical blinds for trapezoid windows are your best bet. These blinds are easier to clean, and they can cover large windows with ease.

You can also regulate the light coming into your room through the windows better with vertical blinds. 

B. Horizontal Blinds

Horizontal Blinds in Trapezoid Windows

On the other hand, if you have narrow trapezoid windows in your house, then you should buy horizontal blinds for them.

Horizontal blinds can make your room a lot darker than vertical ones, so if you have a lot of natural light coming in and want to restrict it as much as possible, these blinds are the way to go. 

Also, If you are confused about which one is better? Read our detailed comparison of vertical vs horizontal blinds.

Other trapezoid window coverings for you to consider

Blinds are not the only window coverings for your trapezoid windows. There are different window treatments you can consider such as: 

Shades for Trapezoid window

Curtains for Trapezoid window

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Final Words

Finding window coverings for trapezoid windows can be tough as they have a unique shape. But if you know which blinds for trapezoid windows you should buy, the work gets very much easier. Contact us for custom blinds for your trapezoid windows. 


1. What can I do with odd-shaped windows?

Nowadays, a lot of homes have odd-shaped windows, such as trapezoids and round windows. Finding proper window coverings for these is tougher than finding ones for regular-shaped windows.

The best way to cover odd-shaped windows is to install plantation shutters, customized blinds, etc. 

2. Can trapezoid windows open?

Whether or not trapezoid windows can open depends on their design and functionality. Some trapezoid windows can open if they are designed to, while some others are fixed and can’t open. 

3. How much do trapezoid windows cost?

Trapezoid windows are costlier than regular-shaped windows because of their odd shape, which is tougher to manufacture. An average trapezoid window can cost between $325 and $625. 

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