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Bringing the Beach Home: A Guide to Choosing Coastal Window Treatments

coastal window treatments

Do you love the feeling of the beach? The sound of the waves crashing, the smell of the salty air, the sight of the endless horizon?  If so, you can bring a touch of the beach to your home with coastal window treatments. Coastal style is all about relaxed elegance and a connection to the […]

Blinds for Bedroom Windows – Enhance Your Oasis

Blinds for Bedroom Windows

Despite not having as much traffic as the kitchen or the bathroom, your bedroom is probably the most important room in your home. This is where you spend most of your private time, and this is the place you sleep and rest. So you have to do everything possible to make your bedroom beautiful and […]

Home Depot shades for windows for Every Home

home depot shades for windows

Home Depot shades for windows: When it comes to decorating your home with an eye toward increased functionality, window treatments have no rivals. They beautify your home, as well as provide energy efficiency and privacy to it. This is why it is a must that you always select your window treatments such as shades from […]

Discover Easy to Clean Window Treatments for a Pristine Home

easy to clean window treatments

Window treatments are an important part of a house’s aesthetics. Apart from making the house look appealing and increasing its curb appeal, proper window treatments also increase the functionality of a house and protect its privacy. This is why it is a must to maintain them properly, and easy-to-clean window treatments come in really handy […]

6 Basement Window Treatment Ideas to Brighten Up Your Space

basement window treatments

The basement of your home is often its most neglected part. This even applies to its windows, as most people don’t pay any attention to their basement windows. As a result, many basement windows stick out like a sore thumb, which in turn, hurts the aesthetics of the home. You can easily solve this issue […]

Maximize Natural Light with Minimal Window Treatments

Minimal Window Treatments

In this day and age, people are leaning more and more towards leading a minimalist life. A minimalistic lifestyle means having as few things in your home as possible while getting the most out of them. Window treatments also play a vital role in ensuring you can utilize minimalism to the fullest. For this, you […]

The Top Kitchen Window Treatments Ideas | Eco-Friendly Modern Solution

Kitchen Window Treatments Ideas

Window treatments add a lot of aesthetic value as well as functionality to the room they are installed in, and the kitchen is not an exception to that. But while installing window treatment in the kitchen you have to be careful as the place contains a lot of heat and moisture. Also, kitchen window treatments […]

The Best Blinds For Angled Windows: A Comprehensive Guide To Decide

blinds for angled windows

Trends, especially the ones regarding home designs are ever-changing. This applies from the design of the house itself to the shape and size of the windows. Nowadays, not only the traditional square windows can be seen in homes all around the world, but you can also see various unusually shaped windows, such as angled ones. […]

Best Triangle Window Shades For Your Space | Top Picks From Our Experience

Best Triangle Window Shades

Trends are ever-changing. This is even truer for trends regarding home decor and sometimes it can be pretty tricky to keep up with them. One such trend is the installation of triangle windows; people can sometimes be confused about what window treatments, such as shades they should get for these. We have prepared a list […]

8 Best Window Tint Shades For Your Home

window tint shades

Windows play a big part in not only the curb appeal of your home but also how you live in it. People often install various window treatments to regulate light and increase privacy levels. But it’s not always necessary for you to install shades, blinds, and curtains in your windows for the aforementioned purpose. You […]

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