Your window drapes play an important role in enhancing the overall look of your room and also help keep you calm and relaxed inside your room. You would most certainly want to ensure that your curtains or window drapes are well maintained so that they hold their fresh look and last you for years.

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In today’s article, we will discuss how you can prevent any damage to your curtains due to lack of proper maintenance. Proper maintenance and cleaning tips for your Window Drapes New York City have been discussed below so that you can ensure that your favourite curtains always look new!

Keep Your Blinds and Drapes New for Years Using These Simple Steps 

Even if you purchase the best quality drapes for your windows, they are bound to get dirty and old at some point. Here we’ve discussed all you need to know to keep your window drapes looking as fresh as new!

Regular Weekly Dusting/Vacuuming 

Your window drapes will accumulate dust within a few weeks of use. It’s better to have a regular cleaning routine to avoid extreme dust accumulation that can lead to discolouration and can result in damage to the fabric of your window drapes.

You can manually dust your curtains weekly or can also vacuum clean your curtains at least once a week. Try to get all the dust off of your window drapes so that they keep looking as good as new.

Fabric Tailored Cleaning Routine

For extra care, you can try getting the help of a professional cleaning agency to get your window drapes cleaned from time to time.

They use gentle cleaning chemicals that best suit the fabric type of your curtains, to get all the dust and dirt removed from them and make them look new.

Since every fabric is made up of several components – pigmentation, yarn quality, sewing techniques etc, the same standardized cleaning routine cannot be used for every curtain or blind you own.

Steam Your Drapes

Sometimes we can get lazy about our cleaning routines. To keep up with weekly clean-up, you can try steam cleaning your window drapes. This is a method that allows you to deep clean your curtains while they are still hanging (no need to take them off and put them back on again!).

Not only does it get all the dust off, but it also helps remove foul odour and other bacteria from your window drapes. You can try steam cleaning your window drapes yourself, or you can also get professional help in doing so.

Regular Sewing and Stitching 

You need to repair any type of defects or tears on your curtains as soon as possible. Otherwise, the damage will grow into incurable defects within a few days. Neglecting these damages on your curtains can only result in costly replacements later on. So it’s better to sew or stitch back the small tears and holes in your window drapes before they become more serious problems.

Your Curtains Need a Deodorant 

Your window drapes will absorb different odours from their surroundings. It can be the smell from your kitchen or smoke or just a general unwanted dusty smell. And if you have pets you will face this issue a lot more!

A quick solution to this plethora of issues is to purchase and use a proper curtain deodorant. They last long and are toxin-free.

Install Filters on Your Windows

Handmade ‘screens’ can be installed on our windows to prevent sunshine and dirt from entering and spoiling the curtains. You can also try drawing back your curtains to stop discolouration. This way your curtains can stay like new for years.

Prolonged exposure to light during the daytime can cause fading – in case you have dark curtains. Instead, try to choose Blackout Drapes New York City which acts as a way better light filter.

Choose The Perfect Length 

Curtains can get dirty quickly if they sweep the floor all the time. If the length is good, it will get super easy to maintain the curtain over time. And if you do love weeping curtains you can invest in a vintage style ‘curtain falls’ set that can be attached to the bottom of shorter drapes and simply discarded once they get damaged. So for better maintenance, try purchasing curtains of the correct length.

Dry Cleaning and Ironing

To keep your window drapes free from wrinkles and microscopic tearing, you can have them dry-cleaned. Follow the right techniques while ironing for added benefits, (especially based on the type of fabric you’re dealing with). Laundering your drapes with gentle soaps by hand is usually sufficient, but dry cleaning is always advised for fragile textiles eg. silk, velvet etc.

Final Words

Ever seen a house without curtains? Window drapes enhance any attempt at home decor making a simple room look super creative. However, in this economy, they cost a pretty penny, so it’s important to take good care of them. Get More Information.

Knowing what kind of fabric suits your lifestyle and then committing to long-term care can greatly benefit any curtains that you bring home. Make sure your window drapes get the best care so they stay nice and last for years!

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