If you’re considering adding drapes (make blue and send to drapes) or curtains to your home, you’ll need to decide which style of drapery heading you prefer. The three most popular styles are ring top, pinch pleat, and rod pocket. Our designers will help you along the process as well, but to take an earlier step here are a few quick rundowns of each style:

Ring Top

Ring top curtains have loops or rings sewn into the top of the fabric. These rings are then used to attach the curtain to the drapery rod. Ring top drapery heading is the simplest and most common style. The rings are attached to the top of the drapery panels, and the panels hang from the rings. This style is best for window treatments (make blue and send to EWT Manhattan)that need to be easily removed, such as when you’re cleaning the windows. These are often considered the most elegant option, and they work well with formal living rooms or bedrooms.

Which curtain heading should I choose? Rod pocket,grommet,pinch pleat –  Loft Curtains

Pinch Pleat

Pinch pleat curtains have fabric folds that are pinched together at the top of the curtain. These folds create a gathered look that is popular in formal living rooms (make living room blue and send to what is the best fabric for living room curtains) or dining rooms. Pinch pleat curtains are attached to the drapery rod with hooks.

Pinch pleat drapes are the most popular type of drapery heading. They have a series of evenly spaced fabric pleats that are pinched together. This style gives a very tailored and polished look to your windows. The number of rings you’ll need depends on the width of your window and the fullness of your drapes.

Pinch pleat drapes are available in a variety of fabrics, including lightweights like sheers and linen, as well as heavier fabrics like velvet and tapestry. They can be made from a variety of different fabrics, including lightweights like sheers and linen, as well as heavier fabrics like velvet and tapestry.

If you’re looking for a classic look that will never go out of style, pinch pleat drapes are the way to go.

Pinch Pleat Drapery - Create Your Own – Loom Decor

Rod Pocket

Rod pocket curtains have a pocket at the top of the fabric into which you insert the drapery rod. This is the simplest style of heading, and it works well in casual spaces like family rooms or bedrooms. Rod pocket curtains can be hung with or without a valance.

Rod pocket draperies are the simplest and most common type of window treatment. The fabric is gathered onto a thin strip of cloth or metal that slides over a rod or pipe installed in the wall or ceiling. This type of heading is best for lightweight fabrics, as heavier materials can make the drapery difficult to open and close. Pinch pleat draperies are similar to rod pocket draperies, but with one key difference – the fabric is gathered into small pleats that are pinched together at the top. This gives the drapery a fuller, more luxurious look, and also allows you to adjust the amount of light coming into the room by opening or closing the pleats.

Ring top draperies are another style of heading that is similar to rod pocket and pinch pleat draperies. The main difference is that the fabric is gathered onto rings, which are then slid over a rod or pipe installed in the wall or ceiling. This type of heading is best for heavier fabrics, as the rings provide more support and allow the fabric to hang evenly.

Which style of drapery heading you choose will depend on your personal preferences and the look you are trying to achieve in your home. If you need help deciding, we suggest talking to a professional designer or taking a look at some inspiration photos online.

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When choosing a style of drapery heading, keep in mind the overall look you’re trying to achieve in your space. Formal rooms call for more tailored styles like ring tops or pinch pleats, while casual spaces can get away with a simpler rod pocket curtain. Whatever style you choose, make sure the heading works with the type of drapery rod you have in mind. Heavier curtains will need a sturdier rod, while lighter fabrics can be hung on thinner rods. With a little bit of planning, our team can help you find the perfect style of drapery heading for your home.

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