Top Boho Window Treatments

Over the past years, the trend to bring back classic home styles have been reigning supreme. One of the home styles that have been the rage lately is the Bohemian, or Boho style. This style is a style that follows no rules and adopts multiple cultures.

To ensure your bohemian home is well complemented by its window coverings, you must find appropriate boho window treatments. 

Now, there are a lot of boho window coverings available for you. You can use boho shades such as roman, roller, or woven wood shades. You can also choose bohemian blinds for your rooms. But the best of the lot is the boho curtains. You can choose from many boho curtains, such as macrame, black and white, etc. 

Let’s take a detailed look at all the window coverings you can choose for your bohemian home. 

What are the best boho chic window treatments?

When you want to find any window treatments for your home, you always have to keep the style of your home, and its interior in mind. This is even truer for Boho homes, as they don’t conform to a specific culture or rule, rather they follow and adopt any culture that they can.

So, when installing boho window coverings for your home, you have to be extra careful. 

Fortunately, there are quite a few bohemian window treatments you can choose from for your boho home. These are

1. Boho curtains

Boho curtains

Boho curtains are one of the most common and best boho window treatment ideas for bohemian homes. Not only do they complement the style of the house and the room, but there are a lot of curtain options you can choose from.

For instance, if you are only going for the look of your room, and privacy isn’t that much of a big deal, you can choose macrame curtains. 

These sheer curtains have a knotted pattern, which will make the room look even more boho. Next, you can go for black and white curtains, as they not only add elegance to your room but complement other vivid colors in it nicely as well.

The next best boho window decor for your room is boho curtains with tassels. These eclectic curtains come in different colors and sizes, and ensure your goal of making your home bohemian is achieved. 

If you want to have something a bit down to earth that will complement other louder colors in your room, you can go for block-printed curtains. These boho chic window treatments have various color patterns and prints, which will go well with all the other vivid colors in your room. 

If you have too many loud and vivid colors in your room, which is very common in a bohemian house, then you can choose simple plain white curtains as the boho-style window treatments of choice. This will mellow the room down a little, and make it a bit calmer. 

Unlike the first instance, if you prefer to have a bit more privacy in your boho room, then you can also mix two different kinds of materials for your boho window coverings.

You can mix macrame curtains with blackout curtains, which will ensure the exterior will look as bohemian as possible, while you will also be able to protect your privacy. 

2. Boho window shades

Boho window shades

Curtains aren’t the only boho window coverings you can install in your boho home. You can also use boho shades to adorn your windows. The most used boho shades are the bohemian roman shades, as they give more texture to boho homes than any other shades. 

Up next, you can use roller boho shades as well. These boho window decors come in a lot of colors and patterns, which will not only protect your privacy but will also ensure the window treatments complement your boho lifestyle. 

Finally, you can install woven wooden shades in your boho home. These boho shades for windows are made of natural materials, which is a big part of the boho style. Also, the color, and texture of these shades add a new dimension to the bohemian homes. 

3. Boho window blinds

Boho window blinds

Although they are not the most used boho window treatments in the world, you can still install boho blinds in your home to great effect. These come in especially handy when you have to protect your privacy while also maintaining the boho style. In place of regular white blinds, you can use faux wood blinds. 

These bohemian blinds are made of exotic materials, such as cherrywood, bamboo, etc. This gives the room an exotic vibe, while their color and texture are something to behold. 

Final Words

The key to finding the best boho window treatments is to look at your room and what you need. Assess your room and take a mental picture of it.

Then go through the above list and choose the window covering that suits your needs the best. 


1. What are the best bohemian kitchen curtains?

Since kitchens are usually of neutral colors, you should go for boho kitchen curtains that have floral or other patterns. These curtains will add a lot of life to the kitchens. 

2. What are the elements of the boho style?

The key elements of the boho style are emphasizing natural and organic materials. It also emphasizes adopting a lot of cultures and making an amalgamation of those in every aspect of life. 

3. What are boho colors?

Boho style depends on its colors a lot. The prime colors for the boho style are vivid and warm colors, such as yellow, orange, gold, and pink.

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