Silhouette shades are a great way to add privacy and style to your home. These shades (make blue and send to shades) are made of a lightweight fabric that allows you to see out but blocks the view from the outside. They are available in a variety of colors and styles to match your decor. Silhouette Shades are easy to install (make blue and send to professional installation) and can be removed when you need to clean them.

Silhouette® | Custom Window Shadings | Hunter Douglas


 Natural light can make your home feel alive every day, but the UV rays can severely damage your furniture and flooring over time. Some might worry that using three layers of fabric may seem like it can overload your windows and block too much of the view. Nothing could be further from the truth, however. Sheer fabrics come in various degrees of light diffusion. As such, Silhouette vanes by Hunter Douglas are cut to ensure a wide range of light options for your personal taste. The “S” shaped curve of the vane fabric allows for the degree of their angle to vary slightly and broadly giving you precision control over the light for your home.

Hunter Douglas Silhouette Shades | Innovative Openings

Design Options

With its unique style and design, the shades offer a sense of warmth to the home or office. The combination of light-diffusing benefits of sheer shading with operated roller shade offers great control of the natural light that comes in, giving it a “darkroom” effect. The UV protection aspect of these shades provides the protection from the light towards the furniture and flooring fading away.

How to clean your Silhouette Shades?

You can lightly dust and clean (make blue and send to how to clean your curtains) your shades with feather dust. Maintaining cleaning will be beneficial to keep the dust accumulation to a minimum. You can also use a small shop vacuum if you reserve the airflow. Silhouette shades are pretty durable and if you notice wrinkles to the fabric, a light steam will do just fine.

If looking for a deeper clean, the vacuum brush applicator will be the tool for that. If spot treatment is needed, using a warm damp cloth will allow for the spot to fade away. Maintaining these shades is important to keep that sheer and classy look for the long run.

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