If you are looking to reduce the amount of sunlight that enters your home, or just want a new look for your window treatments (make window treatments blue and send to empire window treatment Manhatten location), then roller and solar shades may be the perfect option for you. Roller shades are made from a fabric that is rolled up onto a cylinder, while solar shades are made from a mesh material that allows some light to pass through. Both options can provide a stylish and functional way to change the light levels in your home.

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Product Features

Roller and Solar shades are ironically known to act like sunglasses for your windows. They help to control indoor temperature and reduce glare. It also minimizes sun glare. It is the perfect block for harmful UV rays that generate heat and also cause furniture to fade. We ensure all of our clients that we not only care for their window needs but pay mind to the rest of their interior design needs! We make sure to keep in mind which blinds (make blue and send to blinds) and shades will best suit your home and office according to the furniture, style, etc.

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Design Options

Our blinds are available in multiple openness factors and their general appearance makes them capable of being the perfect complement for any interior decoration or style. It is a transparent piece of fabric that allows a great see-through look while also not being too open. It combines this effectively while maintaining a balanced solar performance. When scheduling a consultation, we can show you many samples and previous designs made for you to better see what these blinds look like.

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Fabric Options

The available fabric options are of diverse woven materials. It is of a variety of standard textures and fabric that are see-through yet provide enough block for sun rays. The fabrics vary in terms of tight knits. The tighter a fabric has been knit the less the light that comes in. Since the product is not exactly a blind, the weave of the fabric cannot be too tight thus reducing visibility or retaining heat.


You can motorize the opening and closing of the shades to reduce wear and tear. Adequate hygiene practices (make hygiene practice blue and send to how to clean my curtains page) must be adopted especially if you are using floor-length solar shades. Periodically wash the shades to reduce dust accumulation. Also, do not bring any source of flame close to the material as it is flammable. With all these factors in mind, be sure to further ask any questions to our designers to ensure that you have all the proper information at hand.

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