Mini blinds give you a sleek, modern look with the added bonus of energy efficiency. These blinds (make blue and send to blinds) are available in a variety of colors and materials to suit any décor, and they can be easily trimmed to fit your windows. Mini Blinds for windows are a great way to add style and save money on your energy bills.

Mini blinds are also known as aluminum blinds which are perfect for many rooms and styles. Mini blinds are easy and intuitive light control and privacy. As some of the lightest blinds on the market, aluminum mini blinds are easy to install and operate for years to come. Due to their thin profile, mini blinds are ideal for windows and doors with shallow depth.

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Product Features

Mini blinds are horizontal window blinds. Made from aluminum or vinyl. They are functional and affordable. Their designs are always simple, something to soothe clients’ tastes. You can never go wrong with mini blinds. Their slats are tiny and good enough to serve their intended purpose. They work better with smaller windows. If you are looking for a simple but classy look, mini blinds are the right choice for you.

Operating Options

Apart from blocking out lights and shades, or containing sunlight, mini blinds usually compliment the interior decorations of your building and home. Many use their mini blinds as a means to integrate more beautiful and sophisticated decorations into the houses or offices. With many styles to choose from, be sure to discuss with our designers to see which best suits your needs.

Fabric Options

Mini blinds are usually made from aluminum. This style of window blind consists of long and slim slats joined together by strings. These aluminum slats usually measure around 15milimiters. In comparison to regular Venetian blinds, their width is smaller. Some have rotating rods while some have long strings used for opening and closing them. With so many options to choose from, we ensure to have sample at hand for our clients to feel more secure about their decision before proceeding.

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Keeping your blinds in good shape is as important as vacuuming (make blue and send to how to clean my curtains) your home or office. Blinds are not like fabric curtains that can get done with dry cleaning once in a while, but it doesn’t exclude them from being clean. Dust them as often as possible, if they are made of vinyl you can remove them clean them, and put them back. Doing regular cleanings will ensure the condition of your blinds and will keep from having dust build up.

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