Over the years, the style and concept of windows have changed a lot. Something trendy a decade ago, might not even be in the picture today. One trend that has taken everyone by storm lately is black windows.

Window treatments for black windows

These windows with black frames complement the interior of the house as well as its exterior, all the while adding a lot of class and elegance to the house. 

To complement them, you have to find the best window treatments for black windows. Although most window salespersons forbid you to cover your black windows because it will apparently ruin the appeal of the black frames, you still need to do it for privacy and energy efficiency.

The best window treatment for black-framed windows are shades, blinds, and drapes. 

Let’s take a detailed look at what window treatments you can choose for your black windows. 

3 best window treatments ideas for black windows

Black has almost always been synonymous with class and elegance, especially when it comes to households. People gravitate towards black floorings, cabinets, countertops, etc, and black windows are not an exception to this. There’s nothing more eye-catching than black-framed windows as far as windows are concerned.

Black windows are stylish, elegant, and enhance the aesthetics as well as the curb appeal of your home. But these windows need to be complemented with appropriate window covers.

The reason most window salespersons suggest against using window treatments in black windows is that they think these will cover the black frames and ruin their allure. 

But you need to have privacy in your house. An uncovered window will do you no good when it comes to that as people will easily be able to peek inside your home and see what is going on. Also, windows let in a lot of light and heat, which makes your home energy inefficient if you leave them uncovered. 

There are a whole host of window treatments that not only function well to retain the aesthetics and the energy efficiency of your home but will complement your black windows to make them even classier and more elegant. Here is a list of the best window coverings for black windows for you to consider. 

1. Shades

As far as black window treatment ideas go, there is barely anything better than shades. Shades can complement your black windows perfectly as there are a lot of options you can choose from.

Shades in Window

You can install both inside and outside mount shades for your windows. While the first one will enable you to see your window frames, the latter will completely cover your window. 

UInside-mount shades offer you a better view of your frames, and outside mounts offer you more in terms of light control and privacy. Inside-mount shades blend better with the interior of your home, while outside-mount shades are also quite classy. 

Next, there are various types of shades you can choose from as your black window treatments. First, there are woven shades, that are not only classy but have a lot of functionality as well. Your black-framed windows will have a lot of texture and contrast if you install these window shades. 

Next, you can install roman shades, which are soft and can be folded when raised. This saves a lot of space and also helps regulate the light entering your room. Next, you can use black shades to complement your black windows. Contrary to popular belief, black window shades don’t make your room completely dark, as they can disperse light very well. 

If you want to install black shades as your black window covers, you should install roller shades as these can blend with the trim which allows them to hide all the hardware of the shades. 

2. Blinds

Blinds in Window

Another great option for window treatments for your black windows is window blinds. Window blinds for black-framed windows allow for regulation of how much light you want to allow into your room.

You can either use solar blinds to maximize your energy efficiency or use blackout Blinds to keep your room a lot darker. 

While choosing blinds for black window frames, you have the advantage of choosing from a lot of different colors, depending on your interior. You can choose black Blinds, white Blinds, or Blinds of other colors such as beige or brown. 

To learn more about choosing blinds for double-hung windows, check out our article.

3. Drapes or curtains

Drapes in window

Another of the best window treatments for black frame windows is various drapes or curtains. These curtains ooze class and elegance, and if chosen right, they can elevate the aesthetics and the energy efficiency of your house as well.

You can choose between blackout drapes and white curtains to complement your black windows or you can choose any neutral color based on your interior. 

Things to consider while choosing window treatments for black window frames

When you choose window treatments for black framed windows, you can’t just do as you like. There are a few things you need to keep in mind when choosing modern window treatments for such windows. They are: 


The main reason people have black window frames in the first place is to add style to their homes. So, when choosing window coverings for black windows, you have to keep this in mind. You need to be aware of your interior and make sure the window treatments complement the frames, not overpower them and stand out so much they look out of place. 

Light control

When you choose window treatments for your black windows, you can’t prioritize form over function. If you choose the wrong window treatment, your home will end up being energy inefficient. Make sure you only install the window covers that allow you to regulate how much light you want in your room. 

Type of the room

Not all window coverings serve the same purpose for every kind of room. Some rooms need more privacy than others, and some rooms need more lights than others. So, choose your black window treatments according to the type and function of the room.

Final Words

The advantage of black windows is you can take your pick from a lot of window treatments for black windows available in the market. Usually, black window frames go with almost every color out there. All you need to do is to choose the correct type of coverings for the particular type of room. 


1. How do you dress a window in a dark room?

Dressing windows in a dark room is a challenging process, as you have to get everything perfectly right. You need to expose the window to the natural light as much as possible. Also, while choosing coverings, choose lightweight materials of lighter color.

It’s best that you get help from experts, such as ourselves at Empire Window Treatment, to make things easier for you. 

2. Will black windows be dated?

No trend in this world goes on for very long. But if there is one thing that has stood the test of time is the color black is classy and elegant. So, no matter how many years pass, your black windows will not be dated. 

3. Why not get black windows?

Black windows have a lot of aesthetic advantages that make them very lucrative to homeowners around the world. But there are some downsides to this window as well. First, the grills of black windows can sometimes be hard to see during the day. Also, they can cost significantly more than white windows. 

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