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The basement of your home is often its most neglected part. This even applies to its windows, as most people don’t pay any attention to their basement windows.

As a result, many basement windows stick out like a sore thumb, which in turn, hurts the aesthetics of the home. You can easily solve this issue by installing the right basement window treatments. 

There are quite a few window treatments that suit the small and narrow windows of your basement. You can use faux shutters or long curtains to make the windows look bigger and regulate light.

You can also use small blinds and shades to cover your basement windows. Finally, you can make your own DIY window covering using tension rods. 

Let’s take a detailed look at various window treatments for your basements. 

Best window treatments for basement windows

Basements are notorious for having a lot less light than other rooms of your home, as they have much smaller windows. But since people usually don’t spend a lot of time in their basements, its windows are not usually the first thing that people see from the outside. 

But if you want to properly beautify your home, or you decide to spend an increased amount of time in your basement, you must address the window issue. You must ensure that the windows are not the sole blemish in your home, and don’t cause the curb appeal of your home to go down.

You can do so by installing the proper basement window treatment. We have compiled a list of the best window treatments for basement windows, and here it is. 

1. Faux Shutters

Faux Shutters for basement window treatments (1)

As you know, basement windows are really small and narrow. This is what makes installing window treatments for the basement in them difficult. But the size of your window will not be an issue if you play a little trick.

Install faux shutters on your basement windows, which will give off an illusion that the window is actually a lot bigger than it is. Apart from the aesthetic aspect, shutters are very useful as a window treatment for basement windows.

These are excellent to regulate light and protect privacy. Since they are usually made from natural materials like wood, faux shutters are also eco-friendly. 

2. Long Curtains

Drapes and curtains

If you like the idea of making your basement window look bigger than it is, then you will love this next basement window treatment idea. Instead of installing shutters, you can also install floor-long curtains, so that your basement window will look larger.

It will also ensure you have a lot of patterns, colors, and fabrics to choose from. Curtains also have a higher aesthetic value than shutters, which can make your basement look classier. 

3. Custom blinds

Custom blinds

A lot of people have a misconception that you can’t install blinds on your basement windows since they are so small and narrow. But nowadays, you have custom blinds, which can be customized to match windows of any shape and size.

Since basement windows are rectangular, it is easier to get custom blinds for them than for many other windows in your home. 

Blinds give you the option to regulate how much light you want in your basement and to choose the level of privacy. They are also very easy to clean, making them one of the best basement window treatment ideas. 

4. Custom Shades

sheer shades

If you want ideas for basement window treatments to provide your basement window with a softer texture than blinds, but don’t want floor-long curtains, you can choose custom shades.

Shades such as Roman shades are perfect in this case, as you can both regulate light and increase the level of privacy with these treatments. 

5. DIY window treatment using tension rods

Other than using traditional small basement window treatment ideas, you can also think a bit out of the box by making your own DIY window coverings. You can do so by placing two tension rods at the top and bottom of your basement windows.

Then you can sew pieces of fabric onto them with pockets. This will let in as much light in your basement, while also protecting your privacy. 

6. Using Window films

If you don’t want to go through the hassle of customizing shades or blinds, or making your own DIY window treatments, you can use window films on your basement windows. Frosted glass is cheap, lets in ample amounts of light, and protects privacy, which makes them a perfect basement window covering option. 

Final Words

Basement window treatments are important in making the look of a house complete and increasing its curb appeal. If you have found out what window treatments you want, visit our rich collection and contact us to buy the one suits you the most. 


1. How do I protect my basement windows from water?

One of the biggest issues regarding basement windows is water trickling down them and entering the basement. To protect your basement windows from water, you can install caulk windows, install window wells and maintain them, etc. 

2. Is it OK to seal basement windows?

Yes, you can seal your basement windows. Doping so will ensure water doesn’t leak inside your basement and cause issues. 

3. How do I protect my basement windows from burglars?

Since basement windows are not paid enough attention by the owners, which makes them a perfect target for burglars. To protect your basement windows from burglars, you can reinforce the glass of the windows, and install locks and security cameras on the windows as well. 

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