There’s a lot to consider when selecting cloth for your room. It’s a minefield, from where to shop and which styles to choose to the realities of measuring and hanging curtains and blinds.

Windows treatment ideas for the living room help to choose the color and fabric of your curtains and blinds, but you also have to consider utility – do you want blackout or insulating curtains?

Each has advantages and disadvantages, but you can bet that some styles are more popular right now than others.

Consult the expert Empire Windows and select some of the most on-trend curtain and blind options for 2022.

Jungle luxe

Jungle luxe

‘Biophilic design’ has been a buzzword since 2019, and given how much time we’ve all spent indoors in recent years, it’s hardly surprising that nature-inspired themes are still popular in homewares. 

With the latest take on the trend – jungle luxury – palm prints get an update for 2022. We’re bringing even more of the outdoors into our homes by using complementing linens in addition to rich, verdant plants. For the ultimate in jungle fever, pair this style with rattan furnishings.

Muted Yellow Ochre Café Curtains

Muted Yellow Ochre Café Curtains

The earthy tones and tactile textures of a country home are celebrated in this interior design trend. Café curtains in a muted yellow ochre enhance the wood highlights in your home decor.

If you have a farmhouse-style interior, this covering will go great with the rustic color scheme and furnishings, giving it a charming mid-century vibe.

Blackout Curtains

Blackout Curtains

This curtain kind of blocks the most outside light, helping you to get a better night’s sleep. These are long-lasting drapes that may darken, insulate, and minimize the noise in a space.

This curtain style is not only functional but also attractive. Despite their strange appearance, blackout curtains may help you save money. Because the material is relatively thick, these might help block out the searing breeze if you live in a hot climate.

Windows with Bamboo Blinds

Windows with Bamboo Blinds

Empire Window Treatments are the best and are essential if you want to draw attention to your room. Blinds and curtains are also underestimated in their utility. Cleaning Mini Blinds might be difficult. These come in several wood tones, so you can choose the one that goes best with your existing flooring. It’s a lot easier to set them up.

Different hues trigger various emotions. This is a must-try if you have hardwood flooring. Both will look to be compatible.

Furniture and other decorative items can be used to complement the wooden floor and bamboo blinds. It’s a piece of cake to keep wooden blinds clean. After a little dusting, you’ll appreciate the minimal light entering small areas. A cheap one can easily be broken, so look for one that is robust.

White Shutters Window Curtain

White Shutters Window Curtain

Windows treatment ideas are useful and have long been in use in the business. These allow only a small amount of light to pass through. Shutters, unlike curtains, can be customized to fit any window size. Shutters are a great way to insulate your room while also saving money.

Pink Sheers

Pink Sheers

Airy and open areas are also in vogue, in addition to incorporating natural components into your window decor. Pink sheers are one type of window covering that can help you attain that effect.

They offer a fanciful, fairylike aesthetic statement that pairs well with warm leather furniture and wood accessories. These lovely sheers will brighten your home while also allowing more natural light in.

Abstract Patterns

Abstract Patterns

To give your home a rapid facelift in 2022, choose abstract designs like spirals, waves, faces, animals, and objects. From textile wall art to vivid canvas paintings to flooring, drapes, and everything in between, abstract patterns are excellent for updating your house.

Light and Sheer Curtains

Another option is white and sheer curtains are one of the finest solutions for getting maximum light and privacy if you don’t have any windows or if your windows are small. These are cost-effective since the materials utilized are lighter and less expensive.

Sheer curtains are adaptable and can go with a variety of styles and designs. These have a pleasing appearance. They are also appealing to people who have distinct interests and preferences. Because blackout cloth is insulating, it helps to maintain room temperature in the summer.

Doubling Down

It gives the place a theatrical feel. The best part about doubling up is that it has the look of expensive handcrafted window curtains and is quite attractive to the eye.

You can constantly think of new combos. The window treatment ideas for the living room will enhance curtain patterns and are meant to supplement and stimulate your idea, empire windows interior experts are always available to help you make decisions in a matter of minutes.

Earth Tones

In 2022, expect to see more earth tones, such as off-white, creams, and stone greys, as well as shades of rust, warm greens, and deep, rich reds. These soothing and bold hues will make your home feel more welcoming and cozy, which is just what we need after such a stressful year. They are one of the best window treatment ideas for the living room.

window treatment ideas for the living room

The adaptability of earth tones in any room is one of its biggest advantages. You may use these colors in a variety of interior decor styles, including Scandinavian and classic because they are soft and gentle.

If you have a boldly colored wall or other brightly colored elements, earth-tone curtains will bring them to life and add just the appropriate amount of depth.

Curtains made of linen

It’s time for linen to shine. Linen is an organic material, which is one of the reasons it’s a hot commodity for luxury window treatments ideas for living rooms. 

Curtains made of linen, like organza sheer panels, are light and airy. However, linen diffuses the light more and does not allow as much light to pass through. 

Of course, if homeowners want to block more light, they may add a separate curtain behind their linen panels, but when it’s chilly enough to open the windows or patio doors at night, a single layer of linen curtains will float pleasantly in the breeze!

Pom Tassel Curtains

Pom Tassel Curtains

Curtains with pom tassels, and homeowners don’t have to go far to notice! These ornaments give a touch of whimsy without adding a lot of weight. Plus, tassels go perfectly with the linen curtains mentioned before! 

They’re beautiful and feminine, so they’re perfect for the bedroom.

Tassel curtains, on the other hand, are perfect for nurseries and other rooms with a Bohemian theme. 

For a bit of Bohemian charm, consider tiebacks or lambrequins with just one or two pom tassels. Tassel curtains could be used as room separators to complete the look, and are the perfect window treatment ideas for the living room.

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