Windows are one of the essential parts of a building as they provide much-needed light and air as well as make the building energy efficient. But sometimes windows can result in the loss of privacy as people can easily look through them inside the room. This is why people install shades in them which allows them to have privacy while also letting in light and air. 

How to measure for window shades

The procedure of how to measure window shades depends on the type of shades you are installing. If you want an inside mount shade, you need to take three measurements for the width and height each. For outside mount shades, you need to ensure there is a minimum of 2 inches of flat space on the wall. 

Let’s take a look at how you can measure window shades. 

Measuring Window Shades

After glass windows replaced wooden ones, the energy efficiency as well as the effectiveness of windows letting air and light in increased by quite a lot. But this was a big problem as people had less privacy than ever before. Anyone could peek through the glass windows into the room and see what was happening inside, causing people to search for an alternative. 

Then came window blinds, shades, and curtains. All these are different fixtures that help people keep their privacy when they want to. But the increase in privacy didn’t compromise the energy efficiency as you can easily adjust these fixtures to let in light and air just fine. 

Widow shades are one of the most used and efficient window fixtures out there. But you can’t just install them as you wish, because there are some steps you have to follow before doing so. Measuring the shades is one of the most important of all the steps. 

There are two types of shades out there, the inside mount shades and the outside mount shades. The measurement procedure and the measurements themselves are different for these shades, even for the same window. Let’s take a look at them. 

How to measure inside mount shades

Inside mount shades are installed on the inside of your window. These sleek and elegant shades allow you to show off the size and moldings of your window. To measure an inside mount shade you need to follow these steps:

Measuring the window width

While measuring the width of the window for installing an inside mount shade, you have to take three different measurements. Take a measurement each from the top, middle, and bottom of the window. If all the measurements are equal, then you have nothing to worry about. If they are not, take the smallest measurement. 

Measuring the window hight

While measuring the height of the window, take three measurements from the left, center, and right. Unlike the width, take the longest of the three measurements and note it down. 

Now measure the diagonals of the window. If both of the diagonals are the same, then it’s alright. But if they are not, you might need to install an outside mount shade instead of an inside mount one.  

How to measure outside mount shades

If you have too much light coming in through your windows, getting an outside shade is more suitable for you than an inside shade. They also allow a lot more flexibility in measurement than the inside mount shades. Here is how you should measure an outside mount shade: 

The first example of outside mount shades allowing flexibility in measurements is when you measure the width of the shade. There are no maximum measurements you have to follow while measuring the width.

Just take the one that you like. But ensure the minimum overlap of the shade with the window must be 1.5 inches on each side. This minimizes light leaking into the room. 

Window height measure

While measuring the height, take measurements from the windowsill to the top of the window, where you want your shade’s top want to be. Make sure there is at least a 0.5 to 1-inch overlap of the shades with the window. 

Here’s a tip when you take measurements for either an inside mount shade or an outside mount one. Never make any allowances for the width and height of the shade. The manufacturer will make allowances necessary when producing the shades. 

How to measure for 3 blinds in one window

The advantage of blinds is you can install multiple of them on one window. If you want to install 3 blinds on your window, you measure the width of the window and divide it by three. Then for the blinds at the sides, add a quarter of an inch. Do not add anything to the middle blind’s width. 

How much smaller should the blinds be than the window? 

The goal of the blinds is to allow light into the room while blocking out the view from outside. That’s why most blinds are made about half an inch smaller than the width of the windows. This way there will be a lot of light entering the room without allowing people to peek inside and violate your privacy. 

Final Words

Measuring the shades can be done in two ways. You can either follow the DIY method or hire a window treatment professional. If you know how to measure window shades, you won’t have to pay anyone for this small task, saving you money and time. So, let’s not waste time any further and get to it!


1. What size blinds do I need for a 35-inch window?

If your window is 35 inches long, then the blind has to be 1.5 inches more than the length. So, the ideal length for your blind for a 35-inch window is 36.5 inches. 

2. What size blinds for 34-inch windows?

Similarly, a 34-inch window will need a blind that is 1.5 inches longer than it. So, your 34-inch window will need a 35.5-inch blind. You can calculate the length of the blind you will need according to your window length via online blind size calculators

3. What are standard window shade sizes?

The standard window shade sizes vary according to the type of window. For instance, the standard window shade size for double-hung windows ranges from 36×24 inches to 72×48 inches. Similarly, for sliding windows, the shade size range from 24×36 to 60×84 inches, and so on. 

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