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Windows play a big part in not only the curb appeal of your home but also how you live in it. People often install various window treatments to regulate light and increase privacy levels. But it’s not always necessary for you to install shades, blinds, and curtains in your windows for the aforementioned purpose.

You can also tint your windows with various shades. 

Many window tint shades can suit your needs. If you prefer to keep the harmful UV rays out, you should use solar films. Also, you can install glare control films so that the glare of the sun doesn’t bother you. You can install safety and security films so that your glass windows don’t shatter. To maximize privacy, you can use blackout or translucent window tints. 

Let’s take a detailed look at what tint shades you can choose for your windows. 

Different shades of window tint for home

Different shades of window tint for home

When you are in your home, your windows play a big part in not only maintaining your privacy but also your health. Apart from that, they also have a hand in maintaining the comfort levels and energy efficiency of the home. There are plenty of ways you can ensure the windows can do their job, one of which is to tint them with films of various shades. 

We have prepared a list of different shades of window tint, so take a look and decide which is the right one for you. 

1. Solar shade window tint

Solar shade window tint

Windows without any window treatments let in a lot of sunlight, and along with it comes harmful rays from the sun as well. The UV rays coming from the sun are especially harmful to the human body.

The best way to deal with these rays is to tint your windows with sunshade window tinting. These films block out almost 99% of the UV rays coming from the sun, which all but eliminates the risk of cancer. 

Apart from making your home risk-free of cancer, these films are also quite handy when it comes to privacy. Since these films make the window glass reflective, people can’t look inside to see what is going on inside. 

2. Glare control tint

Glare control tint

The UV rays of the sun are not the only thing that bothers you. The glare of the sun that comes through your window can be a great source of annoyance, especially if you are sleeping, or you have a TV or home theater directly opposite the window.

Installing glare-control tints on your window allows you to enjoy your time in the home without any annoyance. 

3. Safety and security tint

Safety and security tint

Apart from letting in loads of sunlight and UV rays, windows also can be a bit of a problem when they shatter. Not only is a shattered window a security threat but cleaning up the shards of glass can also be equally annoying and dangerous.

You can get around this problem by installing safety and security tints, which provide the biggest protection for the glass from shattering among different window tint shades. 

Even if the glass breaks after installing these window tinting shades, it will stick together as long as possible, which will save you from cleaning up glass shards from all over your room. 

4. Blackout or translucent tints

Blackout or translucent tints

If achieving privacy is your primary goal, then there are no better-tinted window shades for homes than blackout or translucent tints. These tints don’t allow anyone from inside or outside the windows to look through them.

The drawback of these films is that as they totally block the view, you can’t see what’s going on outside. 

5. Mirror tints

Mirror tints

Mirror tints act exactly like what their name suggests, as either one-way or two-way mirrors. This type of tint is also very good for maintaining privacy, as they don’t allow anyone to look through the windows.

These are also one of the best home tinting window shades for maintaining the energy efficiency of the house in winter since they act as reflective surfaces, so the heat of the sun gets reflected inside. 

But this aspect of these tints can become a double-edged sword, as the heat of the sun reflects to make the house even warmer than it already is. 

6. Decorative tints

Decorative tints

If you don’t want your windows to look monochromatic from the outside, and yet wish to maintain maximum privacy, you can choose decorative tints.

These tints, which are some of the best among different window tint shades for home, come in different colors and patterns and make the window look beautiful from the outside. They also let in a lot of sunlight inside.

But don’t allow anyone to peek through and see what is going on inside. 

7. Ceramic Tints

Ceramic Tints

If you have a larger budget, then you can go for ceramic tints on your windows. These tints are also very good for reducing the amount of sunray coming into the room, while also not being totally reflective.

So, if you want to be safe from UV rays, while also not making the windows look like mirrors, you can choose these tinted window shades for homes. 

8. Metalized Tints

Metalized Tints

Finally, you have metalized tints, which add a lot of style to the functionality of the windows. These tints are also reflective, which not only reflect the rays of the sun, but its light as well. 

Final Words

If you don’t want to go through the hassle of shopping for blinds, shades, or curtains, you must know about the window tint shades, so you can increase the privacy levels of your home.

Go through our analysis and see which one suits your needs and budget the best. 


1. How do I choose the tint shade for my home window?

To choose the right window shade for your home, you have to assess what you need the tint for, what your budget is, and where you want it. 

2. Is 20% or 35% tint darker?

Both 20% and 35% tints are quite dark. But 35% tint is much darker than 20% tint. 

3. What does 70% tint looks like?

70% tint glasses allow only 30% of the visible light to pass through them, blocking 70%. This makes the room quite dark. 

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