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Woven Wood Shades for Windows in New York

Woven wood shades, or bamboo shades, are an attractive natural alternative to other popular window treatments. Available in a variety of materials including bamboo, grasses and reeds, woven shades add texture and style to any room. Optional add-ons include cordless and motorized lift options, privacy liners and edge banding. These natural shades can easily be combined with other window treatments to give your room a style all its own.

Woven shades are an elegant design of strewn materials made to form a shade using materials such as straw, bamboo, natural grasses, etc. They are considered one of the cheapest options to consider when choosing curtain options for your home. It is made of readily available natural resources which turn out to be classic and beautiful despite their cheap make.
The options are numerous in selecting the type of woven shades that you desire. Most choices have to be taken based on the type of material it is made from. For instance, you can opt for woven shades made from bamboo slats, natural grass, straw, etc. Bamboo slates are often about a half-inch each with different shades. They are available in multiple colors such as khaki, green, brown, etc. You can also opt to be dynamic and use white linen drapes to spice up the woven shades.
They are majorly cordless shades that can be opened and closed with a single pull of a cord. The slats are spaced enough to allow enough air/light to filter into the room.
They are not highly rated in terms of energy efficiency but are considered majorly functional as blinds that allow easy light filtration. It partially blocks out light the same way screen shades function. They require augmentation with linen preferably blackout linens to enhance their energy efficiency.
They are made of natural materials such as bamboo, wood, grasses, etc. When coupled together to make a shade, they are opaque but allow a great deal of light filtration between each slat. By itself, it is not considered to be a great shade that offers privacy but it can easily be combined with other materials such as linen which can be added to the shade to make up for its deficiencies.
They are averse to moisture as they can decrease in integrity the more they are exposed to moisture. You will also do well to ensure that they are out of the reach of children or pets.


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