Curtains and blinds are an integral part of your house, therefore well-planned blinds and curtains can change the inside of your home. Blinds are an exceptionally strong window treatment choice consisting of supports or vanes integrated, and ready to be raised or brought down for ideal light control and protection. 


Many of us often get confused while choosing the best blinds and curtains for each room. So  below I am going to mention 5 important tips that will help you make the right choice:

Decide what you want for every room

Deciding what you need is the first step in deciding the right curtain and blinds to match your room. You can pick the best blinds for your room by deciding the things you want in a window treatment. Ask yourself if you want to see the view on the outside in the early morning or do you appreciate resting late and need to restrain the sunlight coming into your room. 

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You can consider the following factors before deciding on the curtain and blinds:

For the Living room:

It’s critical to decide your light control and protection needs while picking the right blinds and curtain for your family room. You should permit normal light to enter toward the beginning of the day, and square light from entering in the early evening, so roller power outage blinds are an ideal decision.

Bedroom Blinds:

The curtain for the bedroom should be a blackout, to prevent any light from. Entering the room. Here, I would like to introduce the Empire Window Treatment. They are known to provide the best quality of curtains and blinds. You can prefer big curtains or blinds that help to protect your night sleep by preventing the early sunlight into the room. 

Curtain and blinds for washroom:

Your washroom blinds and curtains should provide advanced protection, be water-safe, dampness safe, simple to clean, and up-to-date simultaneously. 

For Kitchen Blinds and curtains:

For a kitchen window close to your sink or cooking region, search for blinds or that are grease and oil resistant. Therefore wooden blinds can look wonderful, they do take on dampness, so search for aluminum blinds or texture blinds that can be moved up to keep away from sprinkles.

Think about Your Window height and width

The next important point while picking the right pair for your windows is the size of the window they’re covering. Measure your windows cautiously, and guarantee that your picked blinds and curtains will supplement the size of your windows and try not to look strange. 

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If you have tiny windows 

You can prefer Small blinds and curtains for little windows since they look perfect and flawless. Roman blinds and other curtains will generally look free and cumbersome after some time in enormous windows, so they’re a decent choice for smaller spaces.

If you have wide and large window

You can prefer sliding entryways and wide windows, vertical blinds are your best, as they permit you to pull them to the side and partake in an unhindered view when wanted. Pick excellent power outage vertical blinds for main room security.

If you have lean and narrow windows 

Narrow windows will quite often look better with even blinds, and these can for the most part be moved up to give all the more light access when required.



Right styling that suits the rooms. 

Choosing the right kind of curtain and blinds is another important step in deciding the whole look of your house. While deciding the right kind of window for every room you needs to consider the following:

Curtain with patterns like stripes:

Match striped blinds and curtains on twofold balanced windows to add example and shading to an average-looking room. Have a go at balancing blinds over the casing, leaving the lounge windows uncovered when raised to give the best measure of regular light access to the room.

Curtains and blinds with floral prints :

Put bold printed blinds and curtains if you want to put a new life into your pale room. Botanical styles are ideal for the room, kitchen, and living area, or in any event, for making a heartfelt vibe in the room. The Empire window treatment provides their customers with the option to Customize the curtain and blinds.

Curtains with strong and bold colors:

Choose blinds made of metal or wood to make a more utilitarian feel in your family room. Strong shading styles function admirably in the kitchen and studio.

Chose the colors that can make or break the whole look 

Think about your taste when picking the right tones. To make your windows notice,  think about something striking, while if you need your windows to mix in, impartial shades may be more fitting. Here are a few ideas to assist you with picking the right shading  for your windows:

Shades in White and off White:

If your front room windows have a trim, you can coordinate the shade of the blinds with the shade of the trim. Light-shaded blinds and curtains mix into the remainder of your home style and won’t attract consideration from the point of convergence of your room. 

Pastel colors:

Using pastel tones for curtains and blinds can complement any room without getting an excess of consideration. Utilize nonpartisan and pastel-shade of blinds and curtains to make the deception of the room, ideal for more modest rooms.

Finally, consider your budget before making decisions 

Curtains and blinds are very infamous for putting a lot of strain on the spending part, but this doesn’t imply that you shouldn’t utilize them to cover your windows. I think that it is ideal to think about what you are focusing on in your room and consider the scale and position of the windows before jumping into the financial plan. 


Suppose if you have huge windows, or on the other hand on the off chance that it requires a persistent wrap, or you have extremely tall roofs, I would suggest putting resources into a custom curtain. While the sticker price will be higher, you will get a completed look that is selective to your space and style. Custom window medicines are consistently my best option.

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