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Honeycomb Shades in New York

Cellular shades are the energy-saving, light-diffusing superstars of the window treatment world. Their very design creates an insulating buffer to keep cold air out in the winter and hot air out in the summer.

It’s all in the genius of the honeycomb-like design that forms cells within the shades and gives them the names you know them by: cellular shades or honeycomb shades. Energy efficiency along with the crisp, sophisticated design helps make cellular shades one of the top choices for window shades New York customers favor. They’re impressed with the large selection we have at Alluring Window and come to us for cellular shades in Manhattan and the surrounding area.

Cell shades are a hybrid, almost a cross between traditional shades and blinds. We think you’ll find, however, that cellular shades are simple to operate. They’re lightweight and glide up and down easily with the pull of a cord, but lifting and lowering can be made even easier with the addition of the motorized option for ultimate control and effortless use. You’ll also be impressed with the fabric and material choices Alluring Window NYC has to offer. Translucent, light-filtering and even room darkening options are available, and we can custom-make your cell shades to fit any window — including irregular and over-sized — to ensure a perfect fit. It’s all part of what we do to provide custom window treatments for New York.

This type of shade is unique and generally good for the aesthetic appeal of the house. They are often used as window coverings for filtering and blocking sunlight. They are made of accordion-style cells which act as insulation and also introduce some elegance to the appearance of your home.

The honeycomb shades act as sectioned blinds that do a good job of blocking sunlight with their rather opaque materials. There are different design options to choose from depending on the kind of opaque effects you want. The common categories include sheer blackout, total blackout, and semi-sheer. The opacity varies per category. Hence, you can easily choose the most efficient type of honeycomb shade that works for you.

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This is considered to be the most prominent benefit of honeycomb shades. Its shape makes it a good air trap and it also insulates against intense sunlight. You can opt for the single shade or the double shade. Each offers different levels of energy efficiency. You can easily regulate the amount of light that permeates the house. You can also regulate the heat. You can easily reduce. electrical bills on the use of your air conditioner or your thermostat.

They are made of accordion-style cells which are thick enough to be used as blinds due to their intricate structure. They are made of tightly-woven fabric that is highly durable. They are not easily worn out or torn by pets or children.
Honeycomb shades are highly recognized for their durability. They exhibit high longevity due to their resilience but still, adequate care must be taken to ensure that they remain in good condition. They do not require high maintenance hence making them generally cost-effective. Ensure that you keep them clean and do not expose them to moisture.


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